The Central European Diatom Meeting brings together senior scientists as well as students and diatomist practitioners and welcomes all aspects of both diatom research as well as biomonitoring.

The event is an international platform of annual meetings held at different places in Europe additionally to the bi-annual meetings of the International Society for Diatom Research. ing offers a platform to both oral and poster presentations.  More information about sponsors and about the committees involved in the event. 

Central European Diatom Meeting history

The first Central European Diatom Meeting initially called "CE-DiatoM" was held in 2007 in Berlin and was the result of a joint meeting of the German Speaking Diatomists (DDT) and several other groups of central-European diatomists. More information about the past editions.

Meeting followed by a workshop

CED Meeting 2019 will be followed on 28 March by a Workshop on Diatom Taxonomy (Planothidium species complex). 

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